• Arissa Lujano

Meal Prepping Basics

Meal prepping can seem like an intimidating subject. Have you ever caught yourself saying “I don’t have time”; “Its too expensive”; “I don’t know what to buy”; or “My family won't enjoy it.” These are common misconceptions surrounding meal prepping. Yes, meal prepping does require an effort of execution and there can be initial frustrations because you might not know where to start. But you're in luck! If you keep reading we will tackle these misconceptions and try to overcome the anxieties around meal prepping and give you ideas on where to start.

Why should meal prepping be a priority to you? Let’s start here.

1. Gives you the opportunity to meet more of your health goals

Having meals on hand during the day means no need to go to the local cafe for food. This can save time, money, and your waistline. Prepping allows you to be in the driver’s seat and have control over the ingredients you’re putting in your body.

2. Saves money $$$

With the money you can save by cutting down on the meals eating out you can reward yourself with a massage and a new gym membership.

3. Opportunity to spend time with family

You can create more time with your kids by having them help in the prep process (cutting, packaging, mixing ingredients). Ask them what their favorite vegetable is and incorporate it into your meals, you can use it to pack their lunches too!

A big reason why most people stop meal prepping is because they feel like they don’t have time. Don’t over think this process- plan out your meals while you’re in line at the mall; waiting for your kids to get out of school; or going through the car wash. The planning process should not take more than 10-15 min. Start off planning only one meal, one week at a time. Get confident and comfortable with one meal first to set yourself up for success.

Remember, be patient, start small, and trust in the process. You have the ability to be in control of your health goals and meal prepping can play a big role in your success story!

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