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Find Wellness at Work

Feeling chained to your desk? Studies show that professions in clerical, production, or transportation (jobs associated with a lot of sitting) are at a higher risk for obesity and diabetes in comparison to those with active jobs.

Walking for 30 min can reduce your risk of diabetes as much as 30 percent! Tip: try walking around your building with some co-workers for your 15 min breaks.

If that doesn't fit into your work day or if you're struggling to hit the gym after you get off, there are a couple tips to keep active at work.

1. Request a Standing Desk

Time to take a stand! A stand up desk is basically a desk that allows you to stand up while working. Research is still in development but many say that it can increase productivity and is linked with health benefits. Regardless, this can help individuals overcome the issue of staying stationary for long periods at a time.

Check out this resource on how to ask your boss for a standing desk:


2. Trade in your desk chair for a yoga/balance ball to sit on!

Regular sitting doesn't require our bodies to use any muscles, putting our core, shoulders, and back in serious slack mode. Try it right now...try sitting up straight. Yes, you.

Notice the difference?

A balance ball chair can correct all these things and keeps us mindful of our posture. Also, who doesn't want a strong looking core?!

3. Walk while you make phone calls

Did you know movement is associated with higher creativity? When you're making your next business call, try walking around while you do so. Your mood and mindset can determine the outcome of your call... go for a walk!

4. Keep a pair of athletic shoes in your office

No excuses, here! Set yourself up for success by creating a successful environment. If you keep running shoes in your office, you're more inclined to not skip out on that 15 min walk on your break because you "didn't bring the right shoes."

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