• Arissa Lujano

"Fast" n' Healthy

Your stomach is growling, you have 30 minutes for lunch, and you didn’t pack anything. Fast food seems to be the only option on your radar at this point.

But wait… you’re trying to lose weight. So heading to Taco Bell for a healthy lunch just seems silly.

Well, it’s not impossible.

Below are foods from popular fast food stops. Most of them are 500 calories or less, low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and added sugars. These meals still pack a lot of sodium, however, so be mindful of your sodium intake on these days that you choose to eat out. Sodium is commonly found in packaged and processed foods (deli meats, frozen dinners, chips, etc.). Pair these meals with water or unsweetened ice tea; skip out on the side of fries; and opt for a side salad, fresh fruit, or cup of Greek yogurt.

Taco Bell

Try ordering your taco “fresco style”. “Fresco style” swaps the mayo based sauces and cheese with fresh Pico de Gallo. Almost any menu item can be customized to be “fresco” style and according to taco bell this can reduce the amount of fat up to 25%!

- Crunchy Taco “fresco style”– 140 calories, 6g protein

- Chicken burrito supreme “fresco style”- 340 calories 19g protein

- Bean burrito "fresco style"- 350 calories 13g protein


- Hamburger protein style – 260 calories, 14g protein

- Cheeseburger protein style – 330 calories, 18g protein


- Egg white delight McMuffin- 280 calories, 18g protein

- Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich – 340 calories,

- Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad (with no dressing)- 350 calories, 37g protein

*try keeping a bottle of olive oil or balsamic at work to use at the dressing*


- Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad (skip the dressing and use the avocado to add flavor)- 590 cal, 41g protein

- Jr cheeseburger (try practicing portion control with this one) – 280 cal, 7g protein


- Burrito bowl (black beans, chicken, fresh salsa, lettuce, and guacamole)- 570 calories, 42g protein

- Veggie burrito bowl (black beans, fajita veggies, fresh salsa, lettuce, guacamole) - 410 calories, 11g protein

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